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“So he got an animal trainer to bring one to her house for an afternoon.” MICHAEL Vartan Age: 33 Height: 6 ft. with his artist mom, Doris, arid stepdad, writer Ian Lafrenais. “My standard wardrobe is jeans, a T-shirt and my hockey hat on backwards. “At almost every autograph session we get at least one gal that comes up and is either weeping or shaking or unable to speak,” says Jade Gurss, friend and coauthor of , Earnhardt’s memoir of his rookie season.

Status: Never married Residence: Los Angeles Education: Attended high school in Pontoise, France The scoop: The French-born actor, who first attracted attention as Drew Barrymore‘s high school teacher in . I’m a good old Yankee.” In his own words: “I love hockey more than anything,” says Vartan, who hits the ice for pickup games two or three times a: week. 1 quality I look for is being friendly,” says Vartan, who ended a 10-year relationship with actress Shannon Gleason three years ago. In his own words: When it comes to racing, he says, “part of me has to have that risk and that danger and that element of not knowing.

“But when he came in to audition, he had such command of the room that any doubts we had were gone.” Morales just wrapped up his first full season on , about a Hispanic family in L. Of his newly hectic schedule, which includes serving as a vice president of the Screen Actors Guild, Morales says, “After so many years of ambiguous work prospects, I welcome it!

In his own words: “By the time I was 13 I’d tried every spice in the house.” The ideal woman: “It’s nice when someone cooks for me—even a grilled cheese,” says Oringer, who hopes to balance work with marriage within five years.

Apart from sports, “my secret favorite thing on earth is ketchup. “She’s got to have a sweet demeanor.” Adds his costar Jennifer Garner: “I know she’ll be grounded and unimpressed with the Hollywood side of his life.” What a catch: “He’s smart, funny and handsome,” says Garner. That sets me aside from most men.” The ideal woman: “She has to be real tough and career-oriented, but I also want her to be with me and want to be at the races.

If I see just a hint of a lack of interest, it won’t work.” What a catch: Says Earnhardt: “I’ve done my own laundry since I was 10.” KEN Oringer CHEF/RESTAURATEUR Age: 36 Height: 5’8″ Status: Never married Residence: Boston Education: Bryant College, B.

The ideal woman: “For some reason I always go toward brown hair and brown eyes,” he says.

“It’s not really shallow—you have to start somewhere.” What a catch: “He’s an all-around good guy,” says his sister Janet Friedrichs.

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“But he can also have more fun than anyone I’ve known.” BRENNAN Swain WINNER Age: 30 Height: 6 ft.

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